Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Finished Book!

I've done it!! It's finally done!!

The final layouts of the children's book I've been working on are done and dusted and uploading to Badger Publishing as I speak.

Badger then collects them all overnight (he's nocturnal) and checks through them and fingers crossed he'll pass them on to his printer! He's lovely. Thank you Badger for not getting grumpy with me for taking so long in finishing this. I can't wait to see it!

In other news, I've finished being Sir Steve and The Hertbeat Apprentice has been picked. Apprentice Carl starts his show next Monday but is doing a blog of his apprenticeship and all the behind scenes build up at the moment. He's gonna be great, it's a real pleasure working with him.

Oh and I got a message today from a listener, it was quite long so I'll paraphrase but it went "Sir Steve (brilliant by the way, I don't want to let it go), you know that Badger you have that's publishing your book, do you think he'd be able to do mine? Is he busy?".

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