Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Loving the Library - Loving this Book

I love the library.

I'd love to say it's because it's an almost communist vision of a literary utopia; a place where we can all go as one to harvest the fruits that others have grown; a land where we are all in harmony united by information in a hushed reverance to words.

But I've got a feeling it's just because they give me stuff for free.

Really though, why buy a book when you can get them for free?!

And nowadays they have free wireless (free!), magazines, DVDs, CDs... The only thing that niggles slightly is that they always have that little bet with you as to how good a reader you are.

You know what I mean: they look at you, get the measure of your mind and then stamp the book with a date as if to say 'go on then, bet you can't read this by then...' That smug little flourish of the wrist as they thrust down the date and the gauntlet. And you know what..? For the first time in years I finally beat them at their game. Beat them by a full whole week!

The book in question was recommended to me by friends so I shall in turn suggest it to you in our own little Book Club. It's your turn to bring the biscuits by the way, did nobody tell you?!

It's Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it's brilliant. Okay, it's an intelligent but fairly graphic thriller shall we say, so it's not for the Mr Men reading fans, but it's just so un-put-downable: one of those rare moments when any free moment of the day you find yourself picking it up and jumping right back in to its world to find out what happens. And the best bit? (Other than that I got it for free?) It's the first book in a trilogy. So hopefully there's two more to enjoy!

It turns out the Swedish author wrote his 3 books, handed them in and then not long after died... So he had no idea how popular his novels have become, which is sad. Also, my letter I sent to him bragging about finishing his book in just 2 weeks, a full week less than the Hertfordshire Library Service predicted, will go unread. If you want to find out more, google him. Even better to do it at the library. It's free!