Sunday, 25 July 2010

Choose the fate of the BT couple!

After 5 years of adverts, BT are letting us choose the fate of Adam and Jane! If you need bringing up to date you can either watch all of them here.. or get a hobby.

By visiting BT's special website you can help decide what should happen next in their series...

I LOVE the British public's responses so far:

  • Adam and Jane change to the new BT browser and find it's as rubbish as we're finding it. Constant losses of connection. Driven by the resulting frustration; Adam throws his laptop through the window and Jane batters the home-hub before deep-frying it with a spare Mars bar.
  • Adam trips over the home hub, gets the wire wrapped around his neck and tragically dies. Jane runs into the road screaming where she is killed by a BT van. The kids go to live with their dad, but become so frustrated by his slow broadband connection that they beat him to death with his own laptop. Or: Adam and Jane get married, and they all live happily ever. either one will do.
  • Adam finds out that Jane has been cheating using his new faster BT broadband, he follows this up with a free weekend phone call to the local hitman.
  • Adam gets a fault on his phone line that BT tell him will require an engineer to fix. The fault is within his property and the dirty smelly BT engineer arrives and spends less than 10 minutes on the fault then tells him he won't be charged for it. Two months later Adam receives a bill that takes £125 out of his bank account for the engineer visit and sees this for the extortionate price that it is. He calls BT to complain but is faced with a member of staff who can barely speak English and doesn't understand what he is saying. He hangs up after getting nowhere and tries again with the same outcome. Adam then emails BT and tells them to stick their services where the sun don't shine and decides to transfer to Virgin Media. With Virgin Media he realises that he has been being totally ripped off by BT as he now gets up to 50mb broadband, a whole load of premium channels and on demand content and all his calls for the same price he was paying BT for receiving less services. Adam is now happy and calls Jane advising her to switch to Virgin Media for a better service.
  • Adam realises that he's a decent actor and that no matter how well paid these vacuous adverts are they are no substitute for a proper career. He does the decent thing and tells BT to shove it.
  • Jane gets flying elbow-dropped from on top of the wardrobe by a midget in a wrestling costume. Nobody knows how long he's been hiding there, but in hindsight food has been going missing from the kitchen for a while.  Meanwhile, a bunch of local delinquents start throwing mini babybels at Adam through an open window.
  • Just me, or would anybody else like them both killed?, nothing horrific or anything, maybe a gas explosion or hit with a rogue metorite strike.....hmmm yes that would be my choice.
  • Dear BT: Any chance of this?