Monday, 29 June 2009

Tupperware Warning

Life Lesson 3781
Never pick a fight with the tupperware in your tupperware cupboard.

Nothing good can ever come from it.

Instead why not install huge glass shelves right across your kitchen on which to display your collection in all their glory? It will look so lovely you'll soon even forget your family are in the room. However, you'll also have a scary look on your face forever as you gingerly watch that stack of tubs daring them to fall (which they will, it's what tupperware does best), whilst wishing you'd not agreed to have your right arm surgically replaced with two giant white plastic containers when that tupperware party got a little bit crazy last Tuesday - no matter how handy they are for leftovers and no matter how 'stay fresh' you elbow now is. Deal with it. With tupperware, you will always lose.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Beyonce's Single Ladies World Tour

So the insanity continues.

Little did we know when we donned our leotards for our Beyonce tribute video back in February that it'd still be showing its ugly head (and lets face it, showing an awful lot more too) six months later.

Last week I got e-mails from quite a few listeners giving me the news: our video was being featured in Beyonce's world tour.


Our video. On her world tour. That's at least 22 European dates (with more just booked for November!) along with a cross States visit next month. Each concert has about 20,000 spectators. 20,000 pairs of eyes who stare up at the biggest screen you've ever seen as a montage of Single Ladies tribute videos begins. And about 40 seconds through they will see... us.

Myself, Chris and Dawn in our studio (the Hertbeat logo has never been seen by so many people!) and then posing in our leotards.

So it's official. Our's is the only breakfast show in the world hosted by Beyonce's backing dancers. We are on a World Tour. You hear our voices. On a World Tour!

Don't believe me? Here's some evidence. Sadly you don't see that part in the video where we're punching down or for that matter the bit where I crouch down staring at the camera and it looks like I've done a little poo on the floor - but then there's probably health and safety aspects to inflicting that on too many people.

How did this happen? Well, we did submit it to a Beyonce competition for tribute videos so it's not great surprise as such. But the really incredible thing here is: our jiffy bag was opened in an office on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Someone took our DVD out of the packet and put it in to their PC. They watched it. They called someone else over, they watched it. They ticked a sheet. More people watched it. Ultimately even Beyonce watched it. Now... hundreds of thousands if not millions of people will see it. I like to think it's like a diplomatic dancing mission. Our posing in leotards is bringing all of these nations together. I wouldn't be surprised if this time next year we've won the Nobel Peace Prize. Nothing surprises me anymore.