Monday, 29 June 2009

Tupperware Warning

Life Lesson 3781
Never pick a fight with the tupperware in your tupperware cupboard.

Nothing good can ever come from it.

Instead why not install huge glass shelves right across your kitchen on which to display your collection in all their glory? It will look so lovely you'll soon even forget your family are in the room. However, you'll also have a scary look on your face forever as you gingerly watch that stack of tubs daring them to fall (which they will, it's what tupperware does best), whilst wishing you'd not agreed to have your right arm surgically replaced with two giant white plastic containers when that tupperware party got a little bit crazy last Tuesday - no matter how handy they are for leftovers and no matter how 'stay fresh' you elbow now is. Deal with it. With tupperware, you will always lose.

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