Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Being Manly

One thing about being a Dad is that it makes you feel very manly and you feel a sudden urge to be manly in other ways.

I feel I should know how to change that tyre/fit that washing machine/fix the uneven floorboard.

I give up at boilers however and get a man in. I still want to sound wise though so I spend the morning on various websites swotting up on my central heating system.

The man arrives. Late. (But that's another story, since when oh people at NPower has 13.20 been part of 'AM'?!)

I welcome him in with his boxes of tools and he asks a few questions.. One of which is:

'How long have you had the Litlun?'
Oh, about four or five years perhaps, we inherited it from the people who lived here before.
About four years, I was wondering whether we should replace it
'He looks very small for a four year old'
You're talking about my son aren't you?
I thought you were talking about the boiler. I thought Litlun was the.. anyway...
He's two weeks old
'Ah, lovely. Still not getting much sleep then?'
Apparently not
Cup of tea?

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