Thursday, 12 February 2009

La ragazza è nella scatola

I've got my Italian lesson at the local college in an hour.

It's my second term and I'm struggling. I decided to learn because when we got married in Tuscany last year: it was beautiful but I didn't even know how to say 'Yes, I do' in Italian. So, I've decided for our next trip there I'd like to be able to chat to the locals, rather than be rude. And maybe get an extra towel.. rather than use the bed sheet. There's another story. 

I was really good at languages at school but it just doesn't seem to go in nowadays. After 12 weeks there are just two phrases I confidently know from my Italian language night classes:

1) Io non sono Italiano
(I am not Italian.. just in case you needed further confirmation other than the fact I can't speak Italian)

2) La ragazza è nella scattola
(The girl is in the box)

I'm a bit concerned about that last one. What kind of people put this course together? Still, if I one day happen to be in Rome and find a girl trapped in a box, they will be vindicated. As I explain to the police that, yes, she's in there, but no, I'm not Italian - suggesting I would have thought that the UK consulate and a good lawyer wouldn't go a miss, my £10 a week will seem worth while.
Steve is available as a tranlastor at a reasonable fee should you find yourself in Napoli with a young female within a cardboard container 

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